Monday, July 30, 2007

Need a massage?

How's this for a relaxing massage? Try Shade Tree massage here in Albuquerque. What's the signifcance of the name? Well, it's a guy with a massage table under a shady tree on the median at the intersection of Eubank and Candlelaria. His beater car was parked next to him, and he was holding a hand-written sign on a piece of cardboard (similar to those used by homeless people) advertising "$1 a minute massages." Of course, no one had taken him up on his offer when I drove by.

What I couldn't understand is how he thought that someone would be driving, see him and say to themself "gosh, that looks relaxing. I'm going to get a massage from a creepy guy on the side of the road in the heat of summer. At least he has a tree for shade!"

These massages seem only slightly less-relaxing than those given in the middle of the mall.