Friday, August 17, 2007

Ah - the things kids say

My dad has been relaying stories and comments from my little brother Frankie over the last few months that I wanted to share (and capture for posterity). Frankie turned four at the end of July and is really a funny boy sometimes.

Story #1 - a little on the raunchy side
My dad had taken Frankie to the pool. My dad noticed a woman who thought she looked a bikini model in her swimsuit with her "store-bought boobs". There was one very noticeable issue. The bottom of her suit was too tight and she had the very unglamorous camel-toe effect going on.

My dad and Frankie swam and had a good time. As they were walking out, they encountered the woman. At that point, with little warning or hesitation, Frankie points at the woman's crotch and screams, "is that your butt?!" My dad said all he could do was smile but that two women who were lounging nearby heard Frankie's question and couldn't stop laughing.

Story #2 - I guess he was really hungry
Frankie and dad (aka paw paw) were in the car on the way home from Costco. They had picked up one of those pizzas you can take home and bake. About halfway home, Frankie said, "paw paw I'm so hungry I could eat a moose."

Story #3 - The nature channel
A while back Frankie and dad were watching a show on discovery about crocodiles. Frankie asked if alligators lived in the ocean, and my dad said "no they don't like the salt water" to which Frankie quickly asked, "do they like pepper water instead?"

Story #4 - The potty break
Frankie is potty trained, but he still needs a little assistance here and there. A while back he said he had to go and my dad went over to the bathroom with him. Frankie responded by saying, "paw paw you better get out of here, this is gonna be a bad one."

Story #5 - The flowers
This happened just last week. Frankie and dad had gone to the grocery store, and for some reason, Frankie just had to get my stepmother Mary (aka maw maw) some flowers. A few days later, my dad was looking for fruit roll ups in the pantry and he just couldn't find them. Frankie was insistent on having one, and my dad finally said "I think maw maw ate them" just to get him off the subject. Without missing a beat, Frankie walked across the room grabbed the flowers and said "then I'm throwing her flowers away," and promptly dropped them in the trash can.

Story #6 - The horse
When I moved to Albuquerque in February 2006, my dad told Frankie they were going to come visit me and ride horses. It hasn't been brought up since. About a month ago I was on the phone with Frankie and he was telling me about his day (most of which I didn't understand). Then out of nowhere he asked "did you ride your horse to work today?" It shocked me that he recalled that we'd talked about horses almost 16 months ago. But I thought it was very cute nonetheless.