Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Things I love

There are things I've discovered lately that I absolutely love, and I thought I'd share them with everyone:

1) the Nintendo Wii - Brian and I camped out for a few hours several weeks ago and got one. This is by far the coolest gaming system ever. Of course, he has mandated that I wear the wrist strap to prevent the remote from flying thru his beautiful 52" television. But it is so much fun! If you want to see some of the trauma caused by these systems, check out

2) - It's basically an online garage sale, and it's where I found my dining room table and some dinnerware. I also sold my mini fridge on it and have posted several other items on there. I do, however, question why some people bought some of their furniture new in the first place. There is some hideous stuff out there! You have to be on there all the time in order to find the deals, but it's worth it.

3) Breakfast burritos - They are a New Mexico staple, and they are so yummy! I sure do love them, although they are horrible for you. I like mine with just a little green chili, but I try and only indulge every now and then.

That's it for now, but I'll keep adding to it as I discover new things I love.