Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The wisdom of Glamour magazine

While reading the most recent issue of Glamour, I stumbled across an article titled "8 signs he's a man...and 8 signs he's still a boy."

Under the "he's a man" listing, these two jumped out:

  • Your mother likes him.
  • He handles break-ups and all other major conversations in person.
And under the "he's still a boy" listing:
  • Your father hates him.

Well, mom was never quite fond of Adam - he just never warmed to her (which anyone who knows my mom knows is nuts because there isn't a more wonderful woman on the planet), and he broke up with me on the phone. Yes - on the phone. After 16 months together, he waited until I drove home from a weekend at his place (which is about 110 miles away) to end things. And while I don't think my dad ever "hated" Adam before because he never actually met him, he doesn't think very highly of him now.