Sunday, March 05, 2006

Meet my brother Frankie

My wonderful father and stepmother recently took custody of this 2 1/2 year old bundle of joy. He is truly a blessing (and a handful). I got to spend a few days with him last weekend, and it was so much fun! He made me forget about all my troubles for a bit. I took him several books, including "Where The Wild Things Are." After reading it just once, he was asking me about Max, the lead character, several hours later. It was so wonderful to have him curled up in my lap as we read - it felt so comforting to have him there with me. His favorite item of clothing is his cowboy boots, which of course he's wearing on the wrong feet. But it didn't matter to him. He was happy just having them on. Life is simple in his eyes. A pair of boots and he's good to go.

He also snores, which cracked me up. He looks so peaceful - but you can't imagine how loud he actually is.

I can't wait to make more new memories with him. I am hoping that he and my family can come out this spring to go horseback riding and to take a trip in a hot air ballon.

I am so proud of my dad and Mary for taking in this wonderful boy. I know it's not where they thought they'd be at this point in their life, but I couldn't be more touched by the commitment they've made.


Rita Walters said...

When you are feeling low..Just look at that cute little guy!