Sunday, October 19, 2008

We have some really cute dogs

Brian decided to try and take Oliver for a walk earlier. He has really only ever seen the back yard, so walking him is a challenge because he is seeing all sorts of new stuff. Usually, it ends up that you are taking him for a drag instead.

At this point, it's just too hard for one person to take more than Oliver (I was working on my cupcakes for class). Max and Roxanne were less than thrilled that Oliver got to go and they didn't.

So they sat by the front door waiting.

"Is that dad?"

"No it wasn't."

Eventually Brian got back, and the could move away from the door. I got this shot from the kitchen, and I love it. It's a small square of sun that was shining through the window in our stairs.

And of course as soon as Oliver was back, he was right there wondering what was going on in the kitchen.