Sunday, December 31, 2006

The snow chronicles - continued

It continued to snow all day yesterday, so I never tried to leave the house. Last night (Saturday) I dug the windshield and hood out with my hands and an ice scraper (not fun) so that I'd at least have somehwat of a start today. I had figured that the road would at least be melted today. No such luck. I got up to finally leave the house after 36 hours in doors, and ran into a few neighbors with a snow shovel. After 25 minutes of trying to shovel myself out, we finally tried to move the car. I got half way out, and I got stuck in the middle of the lot. Finally another neighbor with a four-wheel drive had to tow me out. So then I decided that I was out and wanted to capture the beatiful blue skies and bright sun on the snow for all of you. BIG MISTAKE! I turned onto a road that hadn't been plowed and got stuck. I put it into reverse to try and turn around and got stuck in a drift. While on the phone with 911 (I didn't know who else to call), a family of guys drove by and tried to help. They couldn't do anything, but then like a gift from God, a freakin' snow plow came by. They told me they hadn't seen one in the neighborhood in days, so it was my lucky day. The plow actually towed me out (the second time in 45 minutes my car was towed out of a stuck position) and I was on my way. I made it to Brian's, where I got stuck trying to get into his driveway and blocking the street. We had to shovel the street a bit in order to get me in. So we spent the next two hours shoveling the road (pictures below) to create a nice path for us to get in and out. And this was all before 1 p.m. But I did get pictures and here they are!

We dug that path out with our own two hands (and a few shovels). You can see how much progress we made by looking at the other side of the driveway.


B-Angie-B said...

Holy Freakin' Hell! What a day?!?! But kinda fun, huh?