Friday, September 01, 2006

I don't believe it

Some of you may know about my struggles with Adam to get some very valuable pictures back from him. I used his camera during several trips right before our breakup, and he refused to send the pictures to me because I didn't "handle our breakup well." Included in those pictures were shots of me with my grandparents. After my grandfather died, I begged him to realize that what he was doing was so wrong there weren't words to truly describe it. Somehow he felt that me asking for them was a way to try and get him back (shallow idiot). He never understood that it was me wanting the only images of with my grandfather from the last decade.

Well I guess I finally got through to him because today I received my pictures in the mail, and I am so glad I pushed the issue because this picture from my trip to Florida in May is something I will treasure the rest of my life.


Rita Walters said...

I am SO glad you continued to push the issue of your pictures. I know it was hard having him be so mean and self centered but you if you succeeded it would all be worth it.
....and it was ..The picture shows the love and affection both he and you felt. So sweet.

shannon q said...

Thank goodness!! I understand why that photo is special and so worth getting back. Now you can wash your hands clean of the whole ordeal with Adam and move forward!

Glenn J. said...

Glad to hear it. Fight the good fights!

Glenn J. said...
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