Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fun times in Phoenix

What a weekend! I knew it before, but I know it even more know - I totally hit the roommate jackpot. Ang and I had an absolute blast. The weekend started out a bit rough. I had the worst 8 year old ever sitting behind me. She didn't talk the whole flight, she babbled - and it was nothing coming even close to words. Just random noises the entire time. And apparently her parents never taught her the value of having an "inside voice." But I didn't let that get to me. Our first stop was the rental car facility, where we picked up our electric blue PT Cruiser. It's a weird car to drive but fairly easy to find in a parking lot. I totally forgot to take a picture. Before we got to the hotel, we made two stops. Target (because someone forgot to pack a camera) and In-n-Out Burgers. Mmmm....good. Once we got to the hotel, we realized the pictures didn't even begin to do it justice. It was absolutely breathtaking. There were flowers everywhere and the whole place was set against a beautiful blue sky backdrop. We changed clothes and hit the pool, which is what we did for most of the weekend. We did mix in another trip to Target and some other shopping as well as some fantastic meals. There is a Roy's in the hotel. It's called "Hawaiian-fusion" and whatever that means, it was unbelievable food. Monday came around way too soon, but I know that my future will include more trips with my wonderful friend.

And for the record - I put on lots of sunscreen. Except I apparently lost the will to finish when I got to my right foot. I burned the top of it, but that was it.